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ARCHE Consulting is based in Belgium and has offices in Ghent and Leuven. ARCHE Consulting provides regulatory support in different chemical legislative frameworks such as REACH, the Biocidal Products Regulation, the Plant Protection Products Regulation, the fertilizer legislation, Classification and Labeling (CLP/GHS) etc.

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ARCHE Consulting is a privately-owned SME company ensuring close relationships with its clients and long-term commitment, holding a unique track record (> 25 years) in the field of EU chemicals legislations. The team at ARCHE Consulting has developed an in-depth knowledge of assessing the risks of chemicals during both the predecessor to the REACH Regulation (EU Regulation 67/1488 on new and existing substances) and the preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments/reports in the framework of the REACH Regulation and Biocides. In addition, ARCHE Consulting’s expertise covers other legislative frameworks such as, Classification and Labelling (CLP/GHS) and Plant Protection Products.

ARCHE Consulting has been involved in the preparation of numerous REACH registration dossiers for >200 metals, metal compounds and complex metal mixtures, >50 inorganic substances and >100 organic substances. In particular with regard to the BPR, our dedicated team of experts proved their experience in authorisation of hundreds of biocidal products under national and union authorisation

ARCHE Consulting was and is involved in drafting several guidance document both for ECHA (Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment, Appendix R.7.13-2: Environmental risk assessment for metals and metal compounds), OECD (bioavailability of metals), EFSA (revision on persistence in soil), industry (guidance for coal classification with regard to MARPOL/IMSBC criteria, MERAG fact sheets) etc. Key experts are also member of several expert panels such as the Caracal subgroup on endocrine disruptors, NERSAP etc.

ARCHE Consulting is also a certified Material Health Assessor within the Cradle to Cradle products program.

Our team consists of several senior experts with diverse scientific backgrounds who are recognised as certified trainers in several expertise domains (biocides, classification, human health assessment, environmental assessment, exposure modelling, UVCB dossiers, endocrine disruptors, mixture toxicity). ARCHE Consulting trained both ECHA staff as staff from the Belgian Competent Authority.