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Air In Motion B.V., your air technical partner for our own various solutions, like the unique AFIM® Air Doors and AFIM® Dry Dehumidifiers

Air In Motion is the solution to all your technical air circulation problems. This is achieved with products that we develop in-house and with our extensive knowledge and support. Our services comprise consultation and development as well as to measurements and maintenance. Air In Motion investigates your needs and provides you with a customised solution. All our solutions are focused on the client’s needs and on innovative energy savings.

Producten en diensten

Extra info

Product 1: AFIM® Air Door
The AFIM® Air Door technology ensures a much more effective air separation than the conventional air curtains, for example when applied in department stores. A conventional air curtain works with huge amounts of air, to which a lot of energy-guzzling heat is added.

The AFIM® Air Door, however, requires only a minimal amount of air, which, moreover, does not need to be conditioned. Thanks to higher air pressure, the Air Door cuts through the air far more effectively than traditional air curtains, and not a single whiff of air shall pass the barrier.

Product 2: AFIM® Dry (industrial desiccant adsorption dehumidfier)
A desiccant adsorption dehumidifier is used if a conventional condensation dehumidifier cannot be used. This is the case when air drying is desired at a low temperature or at low humidity. Regardless of the air temperature, moisture from the ambient air absorbed by the adsorbent (silica gel), which is present in the rotor of the adsorption dehumidifier. The moisture is then discharged from the drying rotor via a separate air circuit.

Desiccant adsorption dehumidifiers are particularly useful in areas where:

  • low humidity is required (less than 40%)
  • there is worked at low temperatures (< 20°C)
  • or when there are low dew points necessary

Air In Motion has the knowledge and experience for industrial dehumidifiers. We advise, produce and supply the correct dehumidifier solution for every specific situation.