LUSS is a decision guidance system that can help in the initial screening of possible techniques for the treatment of industrial waste gas streams. The objective of LUSS is not to automatically propose the Best Available waste gas treatment technique based on the input data, but rather to select a number of possible techniques from which the expert can select the Best Available Technique. The decision guidance system itself can only be consulted in Dutch. The technical descriptions of the techniques are available in English as well. 

 Wet dust scrubbing - general
 Rotation scrubber
 Venturi scrubber
 Spray chamber
 Dry electro filter
 Wet electro filter
 Filtration - general
 Fabric filter
 Ceramic filter
 Absolute filter
 Mist filter
 Activated carbon adsorption
 Zeolite adsorption
 Polymer adsorption
 Regenerative sorption
 Dry lime injection
 Semi-dry injection
 Gas scrubbing - general
 Acid scrubber
 Alkaline scrubber
 Alkaline oxidative scrubber
 Wet lime scrubbing
 Thermal afterburning
 Recuperative thermal oxidation
 Regenerative thermal oxidation
 Catalytic oxidation
 Recuperative catalytic oxidation
 Regenerative catalytic oxidation
 Photo oxidation
 Selective non-catalytic reduction
 Selective catalytic reduction
 Non-selective catalytic reduction
 Membrane filtration
 Injection of odour neutralisers