WASS (water treatment selection system)


WASS is a decision-support tool that helps the government, companies and environmental consulting firms in their search for possible combinations of treatment techniques to solve a particular wastewater problem. WASS was developed by the BAT knowledge centre. However, the outcome is not automatically a Best Available Technique (BAT). For this purpose, a global environmental and economic assessment, and a more specific analysis of techniques needs to be made. The technique sheets of WASS can also be consulted in book form. The ‘Guide Waste water treatment techniques - Second version’ can be ordered at Academia Press (orders@academia-press.com).

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Organisation Representative
VITO An Derden (BAT knowledge centre)
Wim Schiettecatte
Peter Cauwenberg
Sofie Van Ermen
Johan Ceulemans
Joost Helsen
Tom De Baerdemaeker
Pieter Vandezande
Kathy Elst
Etienne Brauns
Anita Buekenhoudt
Diane Huybrechts (BAT knowledge centre)
Flemish Network Watertechnology
Paul Ockier
Sylvia Van De Wouwer
The Environment, Nature and Energy Department
Geert Pals
Flanders Environment Agency
Kristien Caekebeke
Lut Hoebeke