BOSS - Limitations

The BOSS does not attempt to assume the role of soil remediation expert in determining the most suitable remediation approach. Soil remediation plans, concepts and techniques that are selected by the system should be regarded as obligation-free suggestions that need to be further investigated. The remediation solution that is displayed deals with a specific polluted soil layer; thus situated at the same depth, with the same soil type and other entered properties. In order to evaluate the entire remediation project, each separate layer will need to be inputted. The user must then combine the data from the various layers and select the most suitable solution.

Specific air and ground water remediation techniques are not considered within the system. The concept of air and ground water remediation will be generally mentioned where necessary. Detailed information on the specific potential air and ground water purification can be found in the BAT report on Soil Remediation projects and Soil Remediation Centra.

If users believe that certain data or solutions are not correct or are out-dated, we ask you to contact the BAT centre. Although everything has been done to ensure the accuracy of BOSS, the authors, Vito, or the Flemish government cannot be held responsible for eventual negative consequences of its use.