BOSS - Techniques

The technique sheets contain the following information:

Description of technique

The technique description contains a brief description of the basic structure of the technique that is to be implemented. The technique is supported by an explanatory diagram.

An effort has been made to make the description suitable for lay persons. For further technical issues, reference is made to specific professional literature.

Implementation conditions

The implementation conditions show the criteria under which the technique can be implemented, with acceptable end results. The implementation conditions for the technique are determined by the specifics of the technique. For example, in soil air extraction, the type of pollutant is of importance, though this is not so much the case in excavation.


The results to be attained (end values/objectives) are outlined if the technique is implemented under the conditions of the implementation area. The type of result is determined by the type of technique. For example:

  • for soil air extraction: the to-be-attained residue concentrations in the soil;
  • for vertical sealing: the depth to be attained.


Depending on the various process parameters, an estimation of the costs (average unit price) is provided for implementing the technique. Please note that this is only a general indicator of the costs.



Soil air extraction Active NAPL removal
In-situ anaerobic bio-remediation Bio-sparging
Bio-venting In-situ chemical oxidation
In-situ chemical reduction Dam construction
Electro-reclamation Ex-situ soil remediation
Immobilisation Reactive screens
Vertical retaining seal Ground water extraction
Horizontale top- sealing Horizontale under sealing
In-situ immobilisation In-situ thermal remediation
Natural attenuation Excavation
Injection of compressed air Remediation dumping
Passive (gravitational) floating layer removal Transport
Phyto-remediation Infiltration of detergents/co-solvent flushing
Infiltration of oxygen (and nutrients/bacteria) in relation to bioremediation