VLAREM dictates that the operator of a classified establishment, being a normal, careful person, uses the best available techniques at any time in order to protect the people and the environment. This applies both for the choice of end-of-pipe treatment options as for the preventive measures, such as adapted production techniques- and methods, controlling of raw materials, and so on. BAT is the reference in Flanders for determining sectoral and special permit conditions. The VLAREM and the environmental permit assure the licensing authorities that the environmental conditions of the installations in Flanders are based on BAT.

The emission limit values, the equivalent parameters and the equivalent technical measures in the Flemish environmental legislation are based on BAT without the use of a particular technique or technology being prescribed. Stricter conditions may be imposed if local circumstances require it. If the local environmental quality standards (EQS) require stricter conditions than those that can be achieved by applying BAT, stricter conditions will be imposed in the environmental permit.