The BAT concept

The BAT concept

The term BAT is an important concept in the environmental licence policy for companies, both in Flanders (VLAREM) and in Europe (European IPPC directive and the Industrial Emissions directive). BAT are techniques and organizational measures that get the best marks as far as the environment is concerned. This all happens under technical and economical achievable circumstances.

Techniques (BAT)

These concern the used techniques and the way the installation is designed, built, maintained, used and dismantled.

Available (BAT)

The techniques are designed in such a way that they are achievable under economical and technical circumstances and that they can be used in the concerned industrial context.

Best (BAT)

In order to achieve a high protection level of the environment as a whole, this is the most efficient way.

If you would like to have the entire definition of BAT, we refer you to art. 1.29 of title I of VLAREM.