02/23/2024 - 17:42

Final draft of the revision of the BAT study for asphalt plants is available.

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The final draft of the BAT study for asphalt plants is available online (in Dutch).

This revision of the study 'Best Available Techniques for Asphalt Plants' (Leyssens, 2013) focuses mainly on minimizing emissions to the air and limiting odor nuisance. Most of the techniques selected as BAT are aimed at preventing or, if not possible, minimizing air emissions. This is done with a view to maintaining a high degree of circularity in the sector, partly made possible by the use of asphalt granulate (AG). Special attention has been paid to techniques for the indirect heating of asphalt granulate, and new proposals have been made for sectoral emission limit values and monitoring frequencies. Additional BAT, whether or not under certain conditions, focus on continuous process optimization and monitoring of process parameters, to gather additional knowledge and further reduce the environmental impact of asphalt plants in the future. Based on these BAT, recommendations are made for environmental conditions, further research, and technological development.