01/26/2024 - 13:40

BREF Ferrous Metals Processing - implementation of BAT conclusion in VLAREM

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Following the publication of the BAT conclusions on Ferrous Metals Processing (FMP) in the Official Journal of the European Union, additional sectoral conditions will be added to title III of VLAREM for IPPC-installations in scope of the FMP BREF: hot rolling (20 t/h), continuous hot dip coating and batch galvanizing (2 t/h), and/or surface treatment in an electrolytic or chemical process when carried out in cold rolling, wire drawing or batch galvanizing. Also in scope are cold rolling or wire drawing when directly associated with hot rolling or continuous hot dip coating, and acid recovery if directly associated with FMP activities.

You can find the Decision of the Flemish Government implementing the BAT conclusion for Ferrous Metals Processing here in Dutch. The FMP BREF and BAT conclusion can be found on EMIS - BREF FMP.

For more information about this BREF, you can contact Sander Vander Aa.