Nieuw op EMIS

<P>Kortbestek van de Vlaamse overheid van vrijdag 19 maart 2010<BR>
<p>De ministerraad gaat akoord met vier voorontwerpen van wet die minister van Klimaat en Energie Paul Magnette heeft voorgelegd over het milieu.<br>
<p>In the <strong>EU27</strong>, 524 kg of municipal waste<sup>1</sup> was generated per person in 2008. 40% of this municipal waste was<br>landfilled<sup>2</sup>, 20% incinerated, 23% recycled and 17% composted. The average amount of waste generated in the<br><strong>EU27</strong> was virtually unchanged from 2007 (525 kg per person).</p> <p>
<p><strong>The European Commission has published the fourth call for proposals for the creation and upgrade of freight transport services under the second Marco Polo programme. The projects to be chosen will fight congestion on European roads and improve the environmental performance of the freight transport system, which are two main objectives of the EU transport policy. Companies across the European Union and beyond are invited to submit proposals as from today.</strong><br>

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