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Liefkensstraat 35D
9032 Wondelgem
+32 9 216 70 30
Aantal personeelsleden: 11-25
Profiel: Studiebureau
Statuut: CVBA

Omschrijving activiteiten

ARCHE Consulting is based in Belgium and has offices in Ghent and Leuven. ARCHE Consulting provides regulatory support in different chemical legislative frameworks such as REACH, the Biocidal Products Regulation, the Plant Protection Products Regulation, the fertilizer legislation, Classification and Labeling (CLP/GHS) etc.

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We represent over 20 years of experience in environmental/human toxicology, exposure modeling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general.

Assisting you successfully in getting compliant under the current REACH regulation.

ARCHE Consulting mainly specializes in:

  • The preparation of risk assessments for inorganic substances such as metals, alloys, slags etc.
  • The risk assessment of organic chemicals (e.g. flame retardants)
  • Chemical Safety Assessments and Reports for the current REACH regulation.
  • GHS and CLP
  • Registration of Biocides
  • Registration of Plant Protection Products
  • The development of specific tools for both the inorganic as organic sector