14 - 18 Sept. 2015 2nd International Course Principles of Biosafety

People responsible for biosafety and biorisk management in an organization have to cope with an increasing complexity and diversity of topics. The course aims at providing a comprehensive overview of all essential elements involved in biosafety and biorisk management, and at strengthening the biosafety practitioners to build their own systematic approach.

The course is limited to 25 participants.

Course objectives

  • Identify potentially hazardous biological materials and the risks associated with their use
  • Select appropriate means to minimize risk and to protect against or prevent release or exposure
  • Foresee legal requirements and prepare the necessary documents to obtain authorization
  • Understand how to run a biorisk management programme


Faculty of Sciences, Complex Ledeganck, Ghent University, Ghent


  • Ghent University: Prof. D. Vanrompay, Dr. K. Houthoofd
  • University of Antwerp: Ir. M. Clerinx
  • University of Leuven: Ir. M. Schoukens
  • Perseus BVBA: Prof. P. Rüdelsheim, Dr. K van der Meulen

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