The Tool

The online B-SAT tool contains a selected number of bioenergy production pathways and includes both environmental, social and economic sustainability indicators to perform the sustainability assessment. This selection is based on existing legislative requirements, relevance, practicality and scientific support (availability of data and calculation methods and data).

The sustainability framework contains in the first place the sustainability requirements that are laid down in the European Renewable Energy Directive (2009/28/EC or RED) and the related report COM(2010). For the use of solid and gaseous biomass sources, these requirements are at the moment only voluntary, yet are expected to become obligatory soon.

In the B-SAT tool the RED criteria are supplemented with a set of other commonly used economic, environmental and social criteria and indicators to set up the sustainability frame- work.

Though calculations in this tool follow the rules laid down in the RED and the COM(2010)11, it must be stressed that this tool is not officially acknowledged to perform the RED calculations. Results must thus be seen as indicative.

II. The calculations

III. The Results


Download B-SAT, or the Bio-energy Sustainability Assessment Tool [xlsm - 4 MB]