Commission publishes status update for New Entrants' Reserve

Gepubliceerd op 15/01/2016

The European Commission today published a status update on the allocation of emission allowances from the New Entrants' Reserve for the period 2013–2020.


In the third trading period of the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS), new installations and installations that increase their capacity are eligible for free allocation from the New Entrants' Reserve. The initial New Entrants' Reserve held 480.2 million allowances.

Until now, 94.5 million allowances have been reserved for 397 installations for the entirety of the third trading period. This leaves 80% of the initial New Entrants' Reserve to be distributed to new installations that will be built in the future as well as existing installations that will increase their capacity in the years ahead.

This status update is published in accordance with the timeline for data publication provided in the Carbon market report 2015

The table on the allocation of allowances from the New Entrants' Reserve will be updated again in July 2016.

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