BOSS - Soil remediation techniques

Boss is a decision-supporting system that can help in the initial screening of possible techniques for the remediation of soil pollution. Boss has been created by the BAT centre, in conjunction with the environmental advice bureau, TAUW. The objective of BOSS is not to automatically propose the Best Available remediation technique based on the inputted data, but rather to select a number of possible remediation techniques from which the expert can select the Best Available Technique. Click here to start the application.

Environmental law force

The database that is made available on this website is an important output from the research project “Environmental Law Enforcement: a Comparison of Practice in the Criminal and the Administrative Tracks” financed by the Institute for Encouraging Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT ) with a duration of four years (March 2007 - March 2011). Click here to start the application. (Please note you will be redirected to the Dutch version of EMIS - but English translations are available.)

WASS - Water treatment selection system

WASS is a decision-support tool that helps the government, companies and environmental consulting firms in their search for possible combinations of treatment techniques to solve a particular wastewater problem. WASS was developed by the BAT knowledge centre. However, the outcome is not automatically a Best Available Technique (BAT). For this purpose, a global environmental and economic assessment, and a more specific analysis of techniques needs to be made. Click here to start the application.