Flemish BAT, (B)REFs and other studies

The table below provides an overview of the Flemish BAT studies and other publications of the BAT knowledge center and of the European (B)REFs (BAT reference documents).

You can filter by type of document and by sector. By clicking on the name of the study you will receive further information about the study and you can download the full report.

The BAT conclusions and the information on Emerging Techniques from the BREFs can also be consulted separately.

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Title Year Study Status
Potatoe vegetable and fruit processing industry FLEMISH BAT
Asphalt mixes FLEMISH BAT
Treatment of residual flows containing asbestos FLEMISH BAT In preperation
Waste water treatment sludge FLEMISH BAT
Soil remediation centra and projects (2008) FLEMISH BAT
Soil sanitation projects and soil cleaning plants FLEMISH BAT
Car- and truckwash FLEMISH BAT
Car body workshops and construction plants FLEMISH BAT
Composting and digestion plants FLEMISH BAT
Drink Industry FLEMISH BAT
Dry cleaning companies FLEMISH BAT
Noise and vibration nuisance from construction and demolition activities FLEMISH BAT In preperation
Greenhouse industry FLEMISH BAT
Printing industry FLEMISH BAT
Woodworking industry FLEMISH BAT
residential wood heating FLEMISH BAT New study - final draft
Bunding for aboveground storage of dangerous liquids FLEMISH BAT New study - final draft
Ceramic industry FLEMISH BAT
Plastic processing industry FLEMISH BAT
Laboratories FLEMISH BAT
LNG/LBG storage, distribution and bunkering FLEMISH BAT
Manure (co)digestion installations FLEMISH BAT
Textile industry FLEMISH BAT
Textile - micropollutants - waste water FLEMISH BAT
Farming industry FLEMISH BAT
Manure processing FLEMISH BAT
Combustion of renewable fuels FLEMISH BAT
Production of paint, varnish and printing ink FLEMISH BAT
Metalworking industry FLEMISH BAT
Stone processing industry FLEMISH BAT
Contaminated rainwater from waste storage plants FLEMISH BAT
Processing of external industrial waste water FLEMISH BAT
Non-ferrous metals processes FLEMISH BAT
Dredging and excavation FLEMISH BAT
Surface treatment of metals and plastics FLEMISH BAT
Scrap handling, treatment and dismantling FLEMISH BAT
Organic bulk chemicals FLEMISH BAT
Meat and fish processing industry FLEMISH BAT
Refineries FLEMISH BAT
Dairy Industry FLEMISH BAT
Recycling of construction and demolition waste FLEMISH BAT
Swimming pools FLEMISH BAT
Scrap handling, treatment and dismantling FLEMISH BAT
Slaughterhouses FLEMISH BAT
Combustion installations and stationary engines (large) FLEMISH BAT
Combustion installations and stationary engines (new, small and medium-sized) FLEMISH BAT
Saving energy within steam systems FLEMISH BAT
Tank- and barrel cleaning FLEMISH BAT In review
Prevention and reduction of amalgam containing effluent in dental practices FLEMISH BAT Draft available - study on hold
Hydrogen filling stations FLEMISH BAT In preperation
Waste treatment industries (WT) BREF
Food, drink and milk industries (FDM) BREF
Textiles industry (TXT) BREF In review
Large combustion plants (LCP) BREF
Slaughterhouses and animal by-products (SA) BREF In review
Refining of Mineral Oil and Gas (REF) BREF
Production of pulp, paper and board (PP) BREF
Production of polymers (POL) BREF
Wood-based Panels Production (WBP) BREF
Manufacture of organic fine chemicals (OFC) BREF
Surface treatment of metals and plastics (STM) BREF
Surface treatments using organic solvents (STS) BREF In review
Non-ferrous metals industries (NFM) BREF
Tanning of hides and skins (TAN) BREF
Industrial cooling systems (ICS) BREF
Ceramic Manufacturing Industry (CER) BREF In review
Intensive rearing of poultry and pigs (IRPP) BREF
Iron and steel production (IS) BREF
Manufacture of glass (GLS) BREF
Smitheries and foundries (SF) BREF In review
Common Waste Gas Treatment in the Chemical Sector (WGC) BREF In preperation
Emissions from storage (of bulk or dangerous materials) (EFS) BREF
Waste incineration (WI) BREF
Large volume inorganic chemicals - Ammonia, acids & fertilisers (LVIC-AAF) BREF
Large volume inorganic chemicals - Solids & others (LVIC-S) BREF
Speciality inorganic chemicals (SIC) BREF
Common waste water and waste gas treatment and management systems in the chemical sector (CWW) BREF
Large Volume Organic Chemicals (LVOC) BREF
Cement, Lime and Magnesium Oxide (CLM) BREF
Chlor-Alkali manufacture (CAK) BREF
Energy Efficiency (ENE) BREF
Ferrous Metals Processing industry (FMP) BREF In review
Economics and cross media REF
monitoring (ROM) REF
Guideline for determining the Best Available Techniques at installation level OTHERS
Discussion document: Discharge standards – concentrations or loads? OTHERS