European BAT-studies (BREFs)

The European BAT-studies (BREFs) are set up by the IPPC-office of the IPTS research centre as part of the European IPPC-directive and the Industrial Emissions Directive. These BREFs give an overview per industrial activity of what BAT are and which environmental performances can be achieved with BAT. A change in the Industrial Emissions Directive compared to the IPPC-directive is the use of BAT-conclusions.

Studies are established in a process where both the industry and the government play a role. The European Commission published a guidance document on the BREF process. The BAT-knowledge centre is involved in this as a representative of the Flemish Government.

Here you will gain more information about:

The BREFs are quite extensive. That’s why the BAT-knowledge centre VITO has set up checklists that can help people who permit licences and companies to check to what extent the BAT from the BREF are used. You can consult these checklists via the BAT-database.