Ecology premium

VITO’s BAT advice forms the basis of the Flemish ecology premium regulation.

The ecology premium is a financial compensation for companies that will invest in ecology in the Flemish Region. Ecology investments can be interpreted as environmental investments and investments as far as energy is concerned.

With the ecology premium, the Flemish Government aims to stimulate companies' production process in order to make it more environmental friendly and more energy-saving. The Flemish Government accounts for a part of the extra investment costs, which is normal for such an investment.

The guideline is a part of the economical policy of the Flemish Government, which really puts the emphasis on the development of a green economy. The ecology premium plays an important role in using the sustainable company processes in our economy.

Considered investments are listed in a limitative technology list (LTL). The BAT-knowledge centre advises the Government how to judge on technologies and how to set up the LTL. This can be done with BAT-studies.

 You have access to LTL and all information about the ecology premium via the website of the Agentschap Ondernemen: