06/01/2013 - 13:09

Sustainable use and creation of value from renewable raw materials for biobased industrial production such as biomaterials and green chemicals in Flanders

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The aim of this study is to support the Government of Flanders in developing its own strategy for a biobased economy (BBE) and to draft recommendations for an integrated and sustainable economic innovation policy. In order to develop this strategy, Flanders’ assets must be identified and used as the basis for defining policy choices for the BBE; in other words, how can Flanders optimally use its positive starting position with a strong chemical industry, a limited (in terms of surface area) but highly intensive agricultural and horticultural and thus likewise food industry, and a high population density with large and well-managed waste streams, in the transition to a sustainable BBE?


Uitgever: Departement Economie, Wetenschap en Innovatie